What is Begreppet? 

Begreppet is a platform for connecting professionals with companies worldwide, to share knowledge and create opportunities for growth. 

How do I join Straightahead? 

Click “Sign in” on the main page, fill in your profile and confirm your email by clicking the link you receive. 

Is Begreppet free? 

It is free for professionals, however companies are up to a subscription fee. 

How do I post a job? 

To post a job you need to sign up to the company profile, choose “Post a job” on the tab bar, fill in the job requirements and click “Post”. 

How do I answer to a job posting? 

Click “Apply” under the job post, and your Begreppet profile will automatically be shared with the potential employer, including your resume, your articles, your endorsements, and previous employment history. 

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